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Olivia Mohtady

Project Consultant & Assistant Pyschologist

Olivia is responsible for managing our project consulting interventions and client relationships. With a background in applying psychology in clinical and organisational contexts, Olivia takes a novel and person-centred approach. Olivia has spent extensive time helping individuals overcome personal and professional challenges in a range of contexts; firmly believing  in the indispensability of mental health awareness in the workplace. Her experience includes contributing to the research and deliverance of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) programmes for smoking cessation, running a helpline for students suffering from mental health issues and supporting practising clinical psychologists at the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma. Olivia has also been credited as lead author in a publication plan for her paper examining the role of co-morbid depression in the treatment of anxiety disorders. 

Olivia is an enthusiastic blogger and hosts a blog for graduate well-being. Her insight into mental health in an ever-changing world has credited her with appearances on the charity INUF Said’s podcast.

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