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The best person for the job...

Most organisations assert that they seek to recruit the best person for the job irrespective of gender, race, disability or sexuality.

However, in today’s world, the best person comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Do your recruitment outcomes reflect this – particularly at senior levels? This is where it’s easiest to notice that “the best people” always seem to share the same background, gender or ethnic group. Perhaps they really are “the best people” – or perhaps the thing to think about is how we define and assess “the best”. Appointing people from a broad range of backgrounds, cultures and orientations is entirely consistent with appointing the best person.

From ensuring high-quality diverse shortlists through to designing innovative and relevant assessment processes, DWC Consulting can support you in finding the “best person for the job”.

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How we can help

We aim to provide you with a diverse shortlist of appointable candidates, drawn from out extensive network of contacts across sectors. We will also design an approach to selection – starting from job definition right through to induction – which will help you assess candidate’s abilities in a realistic job context, and help your new appointments become effective quickly.

We collate all the applications for your listing from our recruitment system.

We advertise your current positions and draw on our unique network of applicants.

We can finally help design a selection system to help you shortlist your applicants.

"Be different. If your customer base is diverse then you need to reflect that diversity to deliver effective results. From chief executive to assistant director, be they black or white, male or female or people with disabilities – we are consistently matching the right candidates to the right jobs. That’s what we do."

David Weaver, Senior Partner

How we can help

Our clients utilise our services in a great variety of ways. Some clients wish for us to provide the full service from the “headhunt” and design of the advert through to the offer of appointment and induction. Other organisations only want us to focus on a specific part of the service, such as designing and administering an assessment centre, developing the performance of managers, undertaking one-to-one coaching or formulating a talent management framework.

Below are listed some of our services that execute our overall mission of Finding, Assessing, Developing and Inspiring Talent. You have the opportunity to “pick and choose” in accordance with your overall aims.

finding talent

Discrete search of the marketplace.

Targeted headhunt within a “diversity context”.

Advertisement and media selection.

Advice/assistance in formulating and preparing your information pack for candidates.

assessing talent

Design and administration of assessment centres.

Focused “assessment of individual capability”.

developing & inspiring talent

Career and life coaching.

Development centres .

Review/development of key strategies e.g. recruitment strategy, talent management strategy.

Retaining talent

Tailored support for organisations and staff.

Maximising talent and interest.

Support to learning and development/HR departments to ensure no potential is lost.

Current Vacancies

Stay in the loop

We regularly update our job listing with new and exciting career opportunities from our selected partners.

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