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Everett Henry

Senior Consultant

Everett Henry is a DWC Senior Consultant, with an EDI, Organisational Development and training/facilitation portfolio. He has a strong track record as a senior leader delivering on complex equality strategies within the public, commercial and not-for profit sector. Everett has been credited with working and influencing a wide range of Government Ministers, Senior Civil Servants and diverse communities on workforce and operational projects, where he has been pivotal to the transformation towards more inclusive and equitable services.

Everett previously held the role of Head of Equality Diversity and Inclusion at Essex University where he led on driving forward their EDI Strategy. This included delivery across a range of EDI Charter Marks. He has also held the position of Head of Equality Diversity and Inclusion at the British Red Cross. This strategic leadership role was both national and international in its scope.

As a former Director of Comm TAS (Community Communication Training Advisory Service) a national ‘Think Tank’ that engages with Government Ministers, Civil Servants, staff associations and community groups, Everett he led the first service-wide consultation Equality Impact Assessment (Equality Analysis) of asix-billion-pound, NHS Strategy for Greater Manchester, South Lancashire and Cumbria Trust.

Between 2002-2014,Everett held an illustrious police leadership career. This constituted three national senior positions with responsibilities for inspection, promotion and the setting of EDI delivery standards within the police services of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. He has also worked on high profile programmes for five Home Secretaries and other senior government ministers. His work in this arena included developing/supporting senior governance structures and being a “support and challenge” for Police & Crime Commissioners, Chief Constables and key community representatives. Within his policing career, Everett contributed to significant development and change; and is credited with leading on key national programmes that have led to improvements in the delivery of policing. Notwithstanding this, Everett knows that there is still much work to be done!

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